Better Delivery

1. Delivery is chargeable at a flat rate of 7 SGD/- on geographically zoned & scheduled days of the week (Tuesdays@East, Wednesdays@Central, Thursdays@West, Fridays@North). 
2. Islandwide next day deliveries cost 10 SGD/- while CBD & Sentosa (because of ERP and Parking) are billed at 15 SGD/-

3. We follow the standard Singapore postal code and Regional/Zonal Code of Urban Planning system for geographically zoned delivery days

  • The Red Zone districts are CBD *and* non CBD (City) and Sentosa
  • The Yellow Zone districts are East. D13 is charged at an Islandwide/Next Day rate of 10 SGD/-
  • The Blue Zone districts are North & North East. D24, D25, D26, D27, D28 are charged at an Islandwide/Next Day rate of 10 SGD/-
  • The Green Zone districts are West
4. Shipping rates are displayed at the rates mentioned and automatically discounted when you select a Better Subscription Plan as per the Discount Rate applicable.
5. Delivery is between 10am-9pm, though we try hard to get you your Better Orders at the earliest possible.
6. The exact delivery time cannot be pre-defined since the routing and scheduling is subject to the total number of orders, traffic and challenges faced on the road by our assorted outsourced delivery partners.
7.However every Better Customer does receive a text message and email when their Better Order has been despatched along with an approximate delivery window.
8. If there is no one at the Better Address provided, the Better Bag is left at the Better Door.
9. We stay honest to our credo of a "Better Promise to YOUR Better Health at YOUR Better Doorstep".
10. For Better Platters please try to order a week ahead, though we will try our best to oblige even if you ping us 2 days ahead just so that we can render the Bestest experience for your Better Event whether a birthday party, an opening night, an artsy show or even a cozy home party.
11. For Better Platter Orders we box the sliced breads and dips/spreads (to avoid drying while maintaining freshness). The Better Boxes can be refrigerated till use (1-3 days). The cardboard Bread Boxes are microwaveable for quick warming.
12. Please email us for any "Special" requests in terms of timings and dates.